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The Sierra Club Atlantic chapter in Halifax brings together environmental organizations to help people fight back against corporations and government policies that threaten the region’s environment and inflict harm and injustice on local communities. We’re also fighting for energy democracy.

Sierra Club Atlantic in Nova Scotia is a environmental organizations Halifax. Our group are proactive advocates for the Halifax environment. View of Halifax.Our Beyond Coal Atlantic project launched in December 2020 with an ambitious goal: to get Atlantic Canada off coal and biomass energy as quickly as possible and transition to clean renewable energy.

Here are just some of the issues we’re tackling along with our allies in Halifax and Nova Scotia:

  • Unsustainable forestry practices, including the use of biomass to generate electricity
  • Environmental racism
  • Energy poverty
  • Alton Gas
  • Gull Island mega-hydrodam project
  • Proposed LNG plant in Goldboro
  • Small modular NUCLEAR reactors (SMRs)
  • Fugitive methane leaks at Donkin Mine
  • Proposed Sisson open-pit mine project
  • And lots of talk and not enough action when it comes to transitioning off fossil fuels!

Together we can make good things happen!

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You can also Take Action right now for our environment in Halifax and across Nova Scotia and Canada.

Hundreds Protest Against Equinor's Bay du Nord in St. John's. Take action - Sierra Club Canada.

Take action

You can make a huge difference for our environment and in the lives of millions of people, globally and locally. Here are some ways you can start!

Media Release

Insult to Injury – Nova Scotia Needs New Oil Drilling Like a Kick in the Head

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Our work with other environmental organizations in Halifax

Sierra Club Canada’s National Branch, in collaboration with our Atlantic Chapter and are fighting back against offshore oil.

As part of the Offshore Alliance of Nova Scotia, we are calling on political leaders in Halifax to keep their commitments to address the climate emergency with real action and reject oil and gas exploration in Nova Scotia.

The Alliance has called for a moratorium on offshore oil and gas exploration and drilling, a demand that is in alignment with global science and energy sector analysis. Several reports from the UN and others have shown that meeting safe climate targets means halting new fossil fuel development and that energy and economic needs can be met with clean energy sources. Canada’s Prime Minister was recently called on the carpet at the UN for being one of the worst climate spoilers because of his government’s plans to expand oil and gas.

“We are pleased to see so little interest in oil and gas but alarmed that any new oil and gas exploration and production is being promoted and considered for approval in Canada in light of recent climate catastrophes that have resulted in deaths, dislocations, and loss of homes. The solution to climate change is to stop extracting and burning more fossil fuels,” according to Gretchen Fitzgerald, National Programs Director of Sierra Club Canada Foundation.

Our impact

Find out more about Sierra Club Atlantic Canada in Halifax on our about page.

Email: atlantic@sierraclub.ca
Twitter: @SierraClubACC

Read our impact reports on ISSUU or find out more at our Atlantic Chapter’s Beyond Climate Promises website.