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The Sierra Club Ontario chapter in Ottawa brings together environmental organizations to focus on protecting the Great Lakes ecosystem, increase awareness about air pollution, and promote Green Energy adoption in Ontario. Sierra Club Ontario also works on very local issues in Ottawa and in coordination with smaller communities in Ontario.

Sierra Club Ontario is a environmental organizations Ottawa. View of Ottawa.We hold regular beach cleanup and tree planting events, work to counter plastic pollution (helping to secure an expanded national plastic ban in Canada in 2022), and monitor air quality in Ottawa via our Breathe Easy program.

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You can also Take Action right now for our environment in Ottawa and across Ontario and Canada.

Hundreds Protest Against Equinor's Bay du Nord in St. John's. Take action - Sierra Club Canada.

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You can make a huge difference for our environment and in the lives of millions of people, globally and locally. Here are some ways you can start!

Our work with other environmental organizations in Ottawa

Breathe Easy is a citizen science initiative run by our Sierra Club Ontario Chapter in cooperation with Ecology Ottawa that monitors air quality in Ottawa. We are also working with schools to increase understanding about air pollution, conduct air quality monitoring, and teach students how to effectively communicate about science.

Previous Breathe Easy collaborations additionally include:

  • Cooperating with local organizations, including the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and Peace and Environmental Resource Centre.
  • Collaborating with the Canadian Environmental Network to promote and explore the intersectionalities between air quality, our health, and the climate.

Our impact

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Or read our impact reports on ISSUU.