Sierra Club Ontario, Breathe Easy program volunteer taking an air quality reading. About Sierra Club Ontario.

About Sierra Club Ontario

At Sierra Club Ontario, our work focuses on protecting Great Lakes ecosystems, expanding and protecting the Greenbelt, and promoting the adoption of green energy in Ontario.

About the Ontario Chapter

At Sierra Club Ontario, our work mainly focuses on protecting the Great Lakes ecosystem, increasing awareness about air pollution, and promoting Green Energy adoption in Ontario. Sierra Club Ontario also works on very local issues, in coordination with smaller communities in Ontario.

We hold regular beach cleanup and tree planting events, work to counter plastic pollution (helping to secure an expanded national plastic ban in Canada in 2022), and monitor air quality in Ottawa via our Breathe Easy program.

Our Sierra Club Peel Group is working with City of Mississauga to have urban river valleys designated as part of the Greenbelt, and is currently working with Region of Peel to increase diversion of waste from landfill and incineration from 45% to 75%. In June each year, we collaborate with TRCA and First Nations to promote stewardship of the Heart Lake Conservation Area Medicine Wheel Garden, and we work with Bike Brampton to engage hundreds of people in active transportation through a Bike-the-Etobicoke-Creek event.