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At Sierra Club Ontario, our work focuses on protecting Great Lakes ecosystems, expanding and protecting the Greenbelt, and promoting the adoption of green energy in Ontario.

About the Ontario Chapter

The Problem with Plastics Project

The Problem With Plastics Project wants to put plastic pollution back on the agenda. Governments and industry have been ignoring plastics and its connection to the environment for too long. And while we wait for governments to catch up to the climate crisis, our environments, waterways, wildlife and health are being negatively impacted.

We recognize the role individuals have to play, but our goal is to put the onus back on to governments and industry. We want to see stronger policy on plastics and plastic waste and a shift from throwaway culture to a circular economy.

In 2022 Sierra Club Ontario helped secure an expanded federal ban on plastic items to include exports of those items (see the video below of an interview with Lucy Bain of Sierra Club Ontario about the plastic ban for more information). We continue to advocate for even more expansions to the ban and for awareness of the impacts of plastic pollution. We also hold local clean ups in Ontario.

Breathe Easy

Breathe Easy is a citizen science initiative run by Sierra Club Ontario in cooperation with Ecology Ottawa that monitors air quality in Ottawa. We are promoting air quality education through a learning-by-doing approach, cooperating with local organziations, including the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and Peace and Environmental Resource Centre. We are collaborating with the Canadian Environmental Network to promote and explore the intersectionalities between air quality, our health, and the climate. We are also working with schools to increase understanding about air pollution, conduct air quality monitoring, and teach students how to effectively communicate about science.

Sierra Club Canada Citizen Scientist and Volunteer with our Breathe Easy program takes air quality measurements in Ottawa

Field Notes from a Citizen Scientist

After reading about the Breathe Easy campaign in an Ottawa Citizen article, I put my hand up to get involved.

Ontario Wilderness picture. Page Grow our Greenbelt.

Grow our Greenbelt

Sierra Club Ontario worked to ad key ecosystems such as the headwaters of Carruthers Creek to the Ontario Greenbelt. 

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