The Emissions Cap Must Match Our National Emissions Targets

The national emissions cap must require the oil and gas industry to reduce its emissions by at least 40-45 percent by 2030.

One of this decade’s most important policies for protecting a safe & secure future for Canadians could fail — and oil CEOs are hoping you won’t notice.

In Canada’s worst-ever wildfire season that displaced hundreds of thousands, Imperial Oil’s CEO made a whopping $17.3 million, and instead of reducing emissions to protect the safety of Canadians, he wants to keep the profits rolling. [1-3]

Imperial as part of the Oil Sands Pathways Alliance has been whispering overtime into a few powerful Ministers’ ears in order to decimate the policy to limit their sector’s emissions.

Our latest intel says the cap could be less than the national target even though oil & gas is the worst polluting sector and their emissions continue to rise. [4]

Emissions cap national targets. Photo of a wildfire.Oil CEOs want the federal government to write this policy to protect their profits — not a livable future for Canadians. To add insult to injury, a huge majority of Canadians actually want a strong cap on oil emissions that makes oil companies do their fair share — 70%, to be exact. [5]

But it’s not over. Every Cabinet member has a say in the policy — and if they see that thousands of Canadians are demanding they act in the best interest of Canadians — we could force a majority of Cabinet to go to bat for a strong and fair emissions cap that doesn’t give a few greedy CEOs a free pass. Anything less than the national goal gives the worst sector special treatment.

We’ve heard the announcement for the cap will come in less than 30 days — and we can’t waste a minute to flood Minister inboxes with our message. Send yours now below.

The oil and gas emissions cap must:

  • Reduce emissions immediately: the oil and gas industry must reduce
    emissions significantly by 2025 and reduce its emissions by at least 40-45%
    by 2030.
  • Ensure tools of compliance, enforceability and accountability are
    implemented immediately with the cap. There must be no loopholes and strict
    trading rules to ensure that the oil and gas industry is held accountable for
    truly capping emissions.
  • Include all emissions from the production and use of oil and gas. All oil
    and gas activities and facilities in Canada, including pipelines, refineries
    and liquefied natural gas export facilities, should be covered by the cap.
  • Not cave to the oil and gas lobbying efforts. The industry is beholden to
    shareholders and profit margins. As the government, your responsibility is
    the people and the planet. Their attempts to undermine this policy are
  • The cap should not undermine Canada’s commitment to phasing out fossil
    fuel subsidies.
Save the Emissions Cap. Image of a wildfire in red.

Canada’s worst polluting sector must do its fair share

Save Canada’s emissions cap, which oilsands companies are attempting to severely weaken, against the will of Canadians, while making huge profits.

A leaders speaks at a podium. On one side is a future of renewable energy and environmental safety ad on the other is a world of pollution and climate change. 70% of Canadians want a national emissions cap.

Leaders! 70% of Canadians want a national emissions cap.

A strong emissions cap will future-proof our economy. Not only will it fuel job creation in the renewable energy sector, it will also free up more tax dollars that are currently propping up the fossil fuel sector.