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Sierra Youth Podcast

Since 1996, the Sierra Youth branch of Sierra Club Canada has had a mission to empower young people to become active community leaders.

About Sierra Youth

Sierra Youth Podcast Episode with Selina BoanThe Sierra Youth Podcast, hosted by the youth committee of the Sierra Club Canada – features conversations for a healthy planet and healthy communities. Stay tuned for education on all things related to environmental justice!

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Hosted by: Brynna Kagawa-Visentin, Micaela Yawney, Jackie Layton, Jessica Cloutier, and Emily Markholm

Are you passionate about environmental justice? Want to connect with like-minded youth across Canada? Interested in local grassroots advocacy? We’re here for you!

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Sierra Youth interview Elizabeth May, Laurel Collins and Monique Pauzé

To finish off Season 2 of their podcast our Youth Chapter sent out an invitation to representatives of Canada’s major political parties to sit down for an interview with them.