Patagonia Ottawa Grand Opening

Learn about our activities & outdoor programs at the Patagonia Ottawa Grand Opening in Ontario Canada! ByWard Market, 2-5pm, Sunday Oct 22nd.Find out more about our activities and outdoor programs at the Patagonia Ottawa Grand Opening in Ontario, like our initiatives for exploring and enjoying the outdoors through hiking! Come by our table at the ByWard Market from 2pm to 5pm on Sunday, Oct 22nd, at 119 York St. in Ottawa.

Representatives of our Sierra Club Ontario Chapter will also be present, and you’ll be able learn more about how to take action for our environment.

Find out more about our Ontario Chapter’s programs below and visit our homepage now to sign up for email updates on our initiatives!

Find out more about the Patagonia Ottawa Grand Opening

Check out the Patagonia Ottawa and Halifax website!

Our Featured Program, Breathe Easy: Monitoring Air Quality in Ottawa

Breathe Easy is a citizen science initiative run by our Sierra Club Ontario Chapter in cooperation with Ecology Ottawa that monitors air quality in Ottawa. We are also working with schools to increase understanding about air pollution, conduct air quality monitoring, and teach students how to effectively communicate about science.

Previous Breathe Easy collaborations additionally include:

  • Cooperating with local organizations, including the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and Peace and Environmental Resource Centre.
  • Collaborating with the Canadian Environmental Network to promote and explore the intersectionalities between air quality, our health, and the climate.

Take action now with Sierra Club Canada

Petition: New biodiversity strategy for Canada must respect the rights of Mother Earth.

Petition: Tell your MP we need a strong emissions cap!

Petition: Equinor: stop Bay du Nord and support community-based renewable energy in NL.

Campaign: Tips for dealing with wildfire pollution and how to build a budget indoor air filter.

Also read more about our work to help people enjoy and explore the outdoors like our hiking and rock climbing events.

We plant gardens and plant trees.

We fight oil projects, fight for natural spaces, and help protect bees.

We get children outdoors, to learn and play outside,

through our Wild Child programs, which we provide.

We’re Sierra Club Canada.