The Activist Spring 2022


Our federal government failed all of us when they approved Equinor’s Bay du Nord oil project. Days after the IPCC said no more oil projects could go ahead if we were to meet climate targets, they approved Bay du Nord knowing that it would be a disaster for our climate.

But we haven’t given up, and your efforts have already forced the government to make a lot of concessions. Even as provincial and federal governments (and Equinor) try to justify Bay du Nord’s cost to taxpayers like you, the environment minister has made an all but outright statement that Bay du Nord should be NL’s last offshore oil project.

Sierra Club Canada is now calling on Equinor and Norway’s leaders to listen to the IPCC and abandon Bay du Nord, which will only end up as a stranded asset in a world that has moved away from fossil fuels. Equinor could, and should, support community-based renewable energy in Newfoundland and Labrador instead of building another mega oil project.


Podcast photo

Season two of our Sierra Youth chapter’s podcast is well underway with six brand new episodes featuring guest interviews – from the creators of the film Coextinction to the founder of Indigenous Women Outdoors.

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Environmental groups across the province won an important victory in January when the company Medicom decided to forgo building its factory on the site of the “Champ des monarches.”

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All three of our Wild Child outdoor education programs for kids are going strong with Spring programs running in Charlottetown, PEI; Halifax, NS; and Edmonton, AB. Wild Child staff and volunteers continue growing networks in communities and have been sharing outdoor activities on social media during the winter!

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We are advocating for true water security. We want solutions that support local economies AND do not compromise the environment and other species with whom we share the land. We need holistic and realistic approaches to address climate change and protect watersheds and wetlands.

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There is so much to be done and, frankly, time isn’t on our side. That’s why it’s especially exciting to shine a light on what’s working well. That’s why we’re spearheading conversations not only about what’s possible, but also what’s being done successfully right now.

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With a provincial election coming up on June 2, there is no time to waste. We’ve been waiting too long for the government to protect both people and the environment. And while we wait for the government to catch up, our natural environment remains under threat. Please watch for our cheat sheet for wins we want this election.

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